Cross of Honour

Here’s another cover concept that has just been approved. This was tricky as I had to include 4 photos of each main military service, plus the watermarked cross medal in the background.

The cross was intially more of a faded brown colour, but the author wanted it to show up better at thumbnail size so the hue was increased accordingly. After a few developments we have finally agreed on this one and I’m very happy with it!

Action Deafness work

Hi people, over the last couple of weeks I’ve been very busy at Action Deafness, where I work full time, and at home on my freelance projects. Here’s a finished book cover layout for Action Deafness Books. It was a book about a mother coping with her two son’s deafness, while trying to ‘keep dancing’ which sort of means getting on with her life and not getting down.

I used Illustrator and InDesign to work up this concept which the author likes a lot, and have just finished it off to send to print. The book can be ordered online over on

Book layouts

Recent freelance work for Helion & Company, and 30 Degrees South.

I produced several cover concepts and these were the first couple that have gone to print. I worked to set briefs from the clients, using some images provided and sticking to relevant themes. Finishing the jacket was a technical process and I am pleased with the results.