I’m Euan. I am an artist and graphic designer from Leicester, England.

I produce freelance work for a range of clients and love challenging myself to new and different work. I take a fresh approach to each project and aim to deliver unique, effective and professional solutions.

If you would like to hire me for a project, please contact me here.

I love to draw, paint and create designs. I take great pride in the environment and the world around me, and the biggest inspirations on my art work would be music, hiphop culture, the urban landscape, and my friends & family. I enjoy using conventional illustration together with modern digital graphics.

I am currently working in packaging design and producing some freelance designs in my spare time. I have nearly 15 years experience designing bespoke work for clients around Leicestershire and the UK, including T Shirts, flyers, promotional items, online work and installations.

You can check out some of my latest artwork on instagram, @euan1200.

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