New book covers

Here’s a few more book covers which I worked on recently. These should be printed and available to order from Helion/ 30 Degrees this summer. I’m quite pleased with the way they turned out, and as usual I’ve enjoyed working with the publishers who are great in advising me of changes constructively, and helping to communicate with the authors to produce something everyone is proud of.


No Means

Black Vortex e


Here’s a quick job from Sunday afternoon- an ‘Access all areas’ style band pass and mug for my friend’s daughters band. It was just a quick job and they already had their logo decided upon, not designed by me, so it was just a case of choosing some chunky fonts and a bit of a punk background, done!


New work

Some new stuff I’ve been working on at Action Deafness: Covers for a book about a deaf schizophrenic brother, which aren’t finished yet but still in concept stage. Plus some big pull up banners for events. This year we will be publishing  a few more books, working on event publicity and some new projects at the charity.

The Signs

2013-02-26 09.06.11